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2.15.21 We are Getting Lots of Calls About Frozen Pipes

Frozen water ..hot side or cold side.
1) Open both valves in affected areas water & ice need to expand so that it will not cause bursting action.
2) You need to get warm air moving around as close to the frozen area as you can. Do not add direct heat i.e flame or hot heat gun if you do not know what you are doing, you will pop a pipe. Use a small space heater or small fan from warmer area.
3) Go ahead and raise the heat up a little bit.
4) Do not just forget about it know where your water shut-offs are. The hot side of the system is on top of the water heater itself. Coldwater is at the street..this will minimize damage should the worst happen.
5. Know where your valves and meters are and if possible go and clean them off to keep them accessible. In case you have a pipe burst you will need to get the water shut off as soon as possible or get the city out there to shut off your water as soon as possible, but keep in mind the city employees and plumbers will be very busy!
As the temperature warms up and ice does melt pay close attention to your home that is when the actual leaks will begin to show that the pipe did break.
Good luck people stay safe next couple of days, and please feel free to call if you have any questions, 817-528-9827.
M2 Services Plumbing and Drains BBB Business Review
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